Terms of Service

This website makes it really easy to hack fotnite and we have to make sure you understand that such great power comes with great responsibility.

We provide this service for people to take note of the weakness of their own passwords and take corrective measures so that they can have a safe online experience. This service was not designed for people to hack random accounts and it is not ethical correct to do so. Such attempts go beyond what this service was designed for. We cannot recommend anyone to do such a thing.

You may use this service to test the security of your own account or to recover an account that you have lost. fortnite handles are unique and to ensure that we are targetting a specific account, we demand that you know the handle of the account. This is to prevent hacking the account of other users who may be having similar names.

We perform regular checks to ensure that the service is working as intended but it sometimes happens that there are connectivity issues with the main fortnite website. This happens whenever there has been major updates on the fortnite website. If you experience any issues, please let us know as we regularly update our code to make sure that it is working.

Lastly, we demand that you remain aware of what you are doing in case you decide to hack the account of high profile governmant officials etc. We cannot be held liable for any such attempts.