Frequently Asked Questions

Does this even work?

Absolutely! In case you notice there is some problem in the proper functioning of this site, then let us know as soon as you can through our email listed at the bottom of this page. We will try our best to have the site up and running again as soon as we can.

How do you guarantee my anonymity?

Since you do not have direct contact with Fortnite servers, you can rest assured that there is no direct contact between you and Fortnite.

Would a software I run on my computer not be better?

We cannot think of any reason why it would be better. In fact, it could certainly be worse as many people would not even know how to configure and use it properly for proper anonymity. Another problem would be the difficulty of getting updates to all users when there are changes in Fortnite code.

Why is there a lock before getting the V-Bucks?

We had to implement this as a method for human verification. This is because of the huge number of requests we get everyday. Many such requests we have found were from bots and not humans. The survey allows us to protect our servers from unwanted traffic.